Christopher Chambers is a writer and an editor. He was born in Madison, Wisconsin and has since lived in North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Louisiana. He's worked as a farmhand, a carpenter, a bartender, and a lifeguard. He's worked in a warehouse,  a slaughterhouse, and in an English Department. He's an erstwhile Teamster and he's given up tenure. He's repossessed cars. His work has been published widely in magazines and anthologies including Best American Mystery Stories, French Quarter Fiction, The Southern Review, Washington Square, and BOMB Magazine. He has an MFA degree from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!). He taught creative writing and screenwriting in New Orleans for 16 years (Who Dat?) where he was a member of the Fun n Frolic Softball Club (founded 1922), Hayashi Judo School, and the Skeleton Krewe. He's lived a rock's throw from the Mississippi River at both ends, on the west bank in Minneapolis and in Algiers. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin where he enjoys motorcycling, martial arts, four seasons, farm-to-table cuisine, and local beer.